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Alcohol and Weight Loss

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Most people think and some believe that the relation between weight loss and alcohol is just a myth but it is true that both of them are foes of each other. However, occasional drinks can find a place in anyone’s healthy life style. Many experts also believe that single drink on a daily basis has some health benefits like reduced risk of high blood pressure and hypertension. But, if you are taking more than one drink per day then definitely you are risking your plans of loosing weight.

Usually your body derives energy from carbohydrates, fats, proteins as they are slowly digested but when our body also has the presence of alcohol it gets special treatment and does not require any digestion at all. The molecule of alcohol diffuses through the wall of stomach and they arrive and reach our brain and liver within minutes. The effect of alcohol is slow when there is exists presence of food in our system, but the moment it enters the small intestine the alcohol takes the leading role. The alcohol makes its way to the liver for processing, the liver completely devotes its activities to the alcohol, so the dietary fat are simply changed into body fat which are left for being carried to permanent storage as fat in the body.

Do you know that alcohol is a diuretic? Yes, alcohol is a diuretic and it contributes vastly toward loss of water hence causing dehydration. Along with water loss from your body, alcohol also makes you lose important constituents like calcium, zinc, and magnesium. These minerals act very effectively in maintaining the fluid balance, chemical reactions and to some extent the muscle relaxation and contraction. If you thought that alcohol has some nutritional value, then you are wrong; Alcohol has no value in turns of nutrition.

Alcohol does not have any major advantage and it also possesses many ill effects. It may help you in getting sleep but the sleep may never be as deep as a normal one, it would never fulfill your need of complete rest. It may also cause inflammation in your stomach lining, with regular consumption of alcohol you may have to face serious health hazards like heart problems, liver diseases or even stomach ulcer.

Alcohol also contains carbohydrates, even wine and beer have small amounts of carbohydrates. People need to keep a watch on the liquor they consume as they have only a few calories less compared to wine or beer. If you want to mix your liquor with anything then always look to mix it with soda instead of regular soft drinks or fruit juices. It is generally better to have dry wines compared to sweet wines as they have lesser calories. 

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