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By: Jon Cardozo

We all know that building muscle requires a number of sacrifices. One of those sacrifices is, of course, having to spend money on supplements, gym memberships, and other expenses. Most weightlifters and bodybuilders would not hesitate to spend money on these things, but they often overlook other useful products. One thing in particular is often ignored as a way to help you in your muscle building program, and you'll probably be kicking yourself when I tell you what it is. This little known bodybuilding secret can help you make progress in ways that supplements cannot.

It's massage. A good deep tissue massage over the entire body can work wonders when it comes to building muscle. Even a good chair massage for 20 minutes or so can provide many benefits.

I can probably guess what you're thinking right now. You came here for some serious tips about building muscle, and all I have to talk about is massage? Well, the truth is that you could really benefit if you gave this a try. Now, I'm not saying that massage will magically put muscle on your frame. At least, it can't do that directly. And I'm definitely not saying that it will somehow replace the need for a good weightlifting and diet program. However, when it comes to building muscle, you need as many weapons as possible in your arsenal. Massage should be part of the arsenal because it can help to remove lactic acid from your muscles as well as lengthen your muscles. The effect is similar to stretching.

I hope you can see how important massage can be as part of a muscle building program. It can really help to relieve stress, and it can help prevent injuries by relieving tight muscles. This may not be the biggest thing on your mind right now. However, you would be wise to consider this so you can prevent injuries down the road. Every step you can take such as stretching, massage, and good weightlifting techniques will make injuries less likely. No one wants to think about that at the beginning of a weightlifting program but believe me, it's much better to think about that now. You definitely don't want to be out of commission for a long time because of injuries.

The bottom line is that massage should be part of your overall program for building muscle. You don't have to abandon your supplements completely. I'm not saying you have to cancel your gym membership. What you should do, however, is not forget the importance of a good massage to help build muscle.

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