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Top Five Best Bodybuilding Supplements

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By: Mike Parker

Bodybuilding comes down to three things. An important diet, a good hard work out, but what is the third? One of the most important things to bodybuilders is supplements. If you couple bodybuilding supplements with a good hard workout and a good diet you will be able to maximize your workouts and get the best results. But what are the best bodybuilding supplements?

If you are new to bodybuilding than you may be tempted to just run out and buy a supplement that is in a good magazine. You shouldn't do this though. You need to do your research and find the one that is best for you. Just because a supplement has the nice packaging and the expensive price doesn't mean it is better than the cheaper ones. You will have to search for the best bodybuilding supplements for you.

The first supplement is Creatine. Creatine is an organic acid that naturally occurs in your body that gives your muscles short bursts of energy. A number of scientific studies have been done on creatine and it has shown that Creatine can increase strength, energy, and muscle mass. More recent studies of Creatine have shown that it also improves recognition memory, brain function, and reduces mental fatigue. Creatine comes in several forms, such as: Creatine monohydrate, Creatine malate, and Creatine ethyl ester. The only difference between them is the amount of dosage and price.

The second supplement is protein. Protein is important because your muscles can not grow and your body cannot recover from a hard workout. There are three different types of protein, all come in powder, and are all good sources of protein. The first is whey, which is the highest quality protein and is also the most popular protein supplement. The second is soy. Soy is a type of protein that includes many vital elements of amino acids. The third type is casein which helps you to recover body injuries fast.

The third supplement is Maltodextrin. This is pretty much a complicated carb that will help you to recover and restore carbs that are lost during hard workouts. This is often found in many workout drinks and is good for helping speed up your recovery time and get you back in the gym quickly.

The fourth supplement is glutamine. Glutamine is the must abundant amino acid found in human muscles. Why is there a supplement for this then? Supplement manufacturers say that the body loses natural glutamine when you perform anaerobic exercises. The manufacturers say that if you do not take this supplement you may have a deficiency of glutamine which will lead to a weakened immune system and a waste of muscle tissue.

The final supplement is meal replacement products, or MRP. The two most standard forms of MRP are either a drink or a bar. These are usually hard on the stomach so you are going to have to find the right one for you but if you get a drink or a bar they do the same thing. These help your body rebuild muscle by adding extra protein.

Those are the five best bodybuilding supplements that will help you to get the max workout.

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